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CACHE 214 Grant

05/03/22 - We wrote and received a $1,500 grant for The Mixtape Music Series from The Creative Exchange Fund presented at 214 by CACHE in partnership with the Tyson Family Foundation. To learn more, visit 


02/13/22 - The Misdemeanors were highlighted by Miranda Shaver on the FHS Bulldog Weekly. We were interviewed about our experience organizing Arkadia Live and what it was like to play at the Retro Arcade. 

FHS Bulldog Weekly

NWA Pride

06/18/22 - We were selected by Richard Garthright and NWA Pride to play as the top "teen band" in Northwest Arkansas at the largest ever NWA Pride. 


Demo Music Video

03/27/22 - A coming music video filmed by Miranda Shaver for Colorado by the Misdemeanors. 

01/22/22 - The Misdemeanors were interviewed twice on KPSQ's Restless. We played songs live and discussed how we started, creative processes, goals, and more!


Restless on 97.3 KPSQ

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